Standing Desks Are All the Rage These Days

- Standing Desks Help Users Maintain Focus and Work Efficiently

Buying a standing desk is complicated because a lot of research goes into the process. However, if a person doesn't know the features that make a good standing desk, then looking for one would be very unfruitful. If a standing desk has specific features that would make the corner standing desk more helpful, then awareness of those features is a must.

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Spending more time of your day standing could reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. There is increasing evidence that, unless you are a wheelchair user, sitting down too much can be a risk to your health. Studies have linked being inactive with being overweight and obese, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, and early death. To reduce our risk of ill health from inactivity, we are advised to reduce sitting time. Sitting for long periods is thought to slow the metabolism, which affects the body's ability to regulate blood sugar, and blood pressure and break down body fat.

By now most adults working at corporations, startups, publications, and other computer-intensive desk jobs have at least heard of standing desks (often called white standing desk). Once considered an expensive luxury reserved for office workers with special needs or back problems, they've taken the corporate world by storm.

Now standing desks are as ubiquitous as the smartphones and laptops and other tools we depend on to do our jobs. Companies are increasingly touting the availability of standing desks as an attractive office perk. Researchers continue to focus on the effects of sitting and standing for prolonged periods as public curiosity grows.

Studies show that standing has many benefits, from burning calories to reducing back and neck pain. A good wooden standing desk can help you get out of your chair so you're not sitting all day. Whenever you want to sit, stand, lean, stretch—be your healthy active self at work or at home. Especially with the trend that many people work from home, we needed some upgrades to our desks. To help you make the leap to healthier work life, we've collected the best crank standing desk available here.

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So, let's think about what you might need from a standing desk. Firstly, you'll need a good height range so that you can accommodate everyone who might be using the desk, from children to adults. For taller users the table needs to be stable, especially at the upper limits of its height range; a lot of inferior tables will begin to wobble when raised and you begin to type or write, which is never good for productivity.

Standing desks have been made in many styles and variations. Standing desks may be specialized to suit particular tasks, such as certain variations of the telephone desk and desks for architectural drafting. Some standing desks may only be used while standing while others allow users to sit or stand by adjusting the desk height with an electric motor, hand crank, or counterbalance system. Some desks are also constructed like teacher's lecterns, allowing them to be set on top of an existing desk for standing, or removed for sitting.

We needed a desk that would be able to transition quickly so that we weren’t struggling to alter the height whilst also fielding a call or doing some other work task. We were also mindful of whether the sit-stand mechanism would start to lag or whether any other problems would be thrown up with extended use.

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When buying a standing desk, we must make sure that it is easily adjustable. If different people are sharing the desk, then they have to adjust its height frequently. The mechanism of adjusting height should be simple and straightforward, and it should not take so much time. A standing desk should be environmentally friendly, like a glass standing desk; when we buy an environmentally friendly desk for our own, then we are setting a healthy environment for ourselves.

Electric desks allow for easy raising and lowering with the press of a button; some even have digital height readouts so you can always return your desk to the exact same sitting or standing height settings. Manual desks, which have pneumatic pedals, hand cranks, or other manual controls, are lighter and quieter (because there's no heavy, noise-making motor mounted under your desk). Manual desks also don't require proximity to an outlet to work. So we can see that electric standing desks cost more than manual desks, so your budget will absolutely come into play here, but there's more to consider which is up to you. As we can know that bamboo standing desk is always the best choice!

The best standing desk can transform your home office or studio set up to make it a lot healthier for your posture. Sedentary lifestyles have been blamed for a lot of modern ailments, not least for causing back pain due to long hours sitting at a desk with poor posture. One way to spend less time sitting is to switch your chair and desk set up for a standing desk with keyboard tray, or to at least spend part of your working hours standing rather than sitting.

To help you find the best standing desk option for you, we've rounded up a selection of the best FEZIBO standing desks, so which standing desk is right for you? Choose a cheap standing desk NOW!

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